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Ace the Marathi Wedding Look with Royal Aces

Updated: May 1, 2022

Nowadays Indian wedding has become an occasion to celebrate the union with full pomp and zest. And the wedding trousseau is growing on multiple platforms to create variety of options for families along with brides and grooms. When it comes to the outfits for the groom, there is plethora of options. Choosing an Indian Groom Outfit for the wedding and other occasions has never been easy but we are here to help you make the right decision. Join us on this journey to explore many options with ROYAL ACES WEAR.

Well, everyone loves the ones who stand out and make their own statement by the way they dress up. Gone are the days when the Indian groom outfit was just a matter of convenience. Men these days are taking initiative to explore multiple options for their big day. We appreciate this new emerging spirit of fashion and today we are taking a step forward by telling you more about one of such Indian Groom Outfit: Anarakali for Men which is now renowned as MANARKALI.

We can’t keep our eyes off these trending Royal Marathi Grooms who aced this Marathi Indian Wedding look in style. These grooms have totally rocked their weddings with their brides on their Saptpadi and that too with matching outfits. Maharashtrian weddings are simple and beautiful with a tinge of cultural spirits. And what else you need than a MANARKALI to stand out on such occasions?

We wouldn't have ever thought of buying an anarkali sherwani for groom. Thanks to the new upbeat fashion industry for reintroducing this old cultural looks for all the grooms-to-be. And, let’s be honest, we all love this Maharashtrian old school wedding look. Sherwani’s are now revamped and ready to steal the show with the "Manarkali style" that has been inspired as Anarkali for Men with dazzling colors, the styles and the list goes on.

With this thinking we are going to explore more of such groom outfits with Royal Aces. Celebrate your functions like wedding, engagement, and other many of such functions with the best looks and styles. Order your best choices with Royal Aces.

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